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We are the Conflict Intervention Service (CIS), a free program offered by The Bar Association of San Francisco. CIS provides mediation, conflict coaching, and facilitated conversations, along with referrals to legal and social services when needed. Our services are free for residents and providers of supportive and affordable housing in the City of San Francisco.

Here are some of the disputes we can help you manage:

Neighbor nuisances & conflict • Rent disputes • Maintenance problems • Lease violations • Relocation negotiation • Hoarding relief

What if I have a problem to report?

Press Submit an Issue. Complete the form. Send it. Help will be on the way.

Can I call you?

Yes, you may call our Helpline, available 24 hours a day at 415-782-8940. If you face an emergency, call 911.

What services does CIS provide?

Our services are tailored to your needs.

To access these services, submit a request using our online form, or call the Helpline.

CIS services are available online. Click below for fast access to help, including:

Our online services provide you a rapid response from our experienced team of mediators.

Any questions?

Email us at cis@sfbar.org.

CIS prioritizes securing your information and ensuring confidentiality. When you submit an issue or speak with a mediator, your information is always kept confidential. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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Thank you for using the CIS Online Mediation Portal. Click here to learn more about The Bar Association of San Francisco. If you have any questions or concerns, send them to cis@sfbar.org.